A little about our artisans:

The idea of creating handmade products  came to life in Georgia, but it wasn't born there. It all started in Massachusetts, with a strong desire of creation which led to participating in the "kindness Rocks" movement.

Eventually, our artisans relocated to a warmer place in middle Georgia, and a bigger desire for unique & handmade creations came soon after that.

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While trying different things and techniques, we opened our minds to a wide variety of other projects, which now includes fairy houses, door hangers, night lamps, garden/yard decorations, home decorations, woodworking, water fountains, collectible items, and in many cases we combine techniques & materials to create those one-of-a-kind products!

All our products are 100% handmade & hand-painted.

Materials Used:

- Air-Dry Clay

- Polymer Clay

- Glass / Glass Jars

- Aluminum Foil

- Wood (Variety of: Plywood, Pine, Birch, etc.)

- Glue (Variety of: Hot Glue, Wood Glue, Tacky Glue, E6000, Gorilla Glue, 3M, White Glue, etc.)

- Acrylic Paints, Non-Toxic

- Glass Paints, Non-Toxic

- Metallic Paints, Non-Toxic

- Paint Sealers (Mod Podge - Water Based, Non-Toxic)

- Wood Stains Dyes & Finishes (Variety of: Finishing Oils, Polyurethane, Polycrylic, Shellac, etc.)

- Faux Lead Strips

- Brass

- Silicone

- Gold Leaf & Faux Gold & Metallic Leaf Applications (Gold Leaf Glue & Gold Leaf Sealer)

- Decorative Rope

- Pebbles / Sand

- Variety of Ribbons

- Artificial Moss & Fake Craft Plants / Flowers

- Decorative Natural Straw

- Flameless Tea-Lights (Battery Operated)

- Led Lighting (Led Strips, Led Diodes & Led Controllers)

- On-Off Switches

- Cup Turners

- Power Adapters, Plugs

- Styrofoam

- Cement

- Water Pumps

- Mist Makers

- Quartz Crystals

- Acrylic Sheets

- PVC / Silicone Water/Air Aquarium Tube

(NOTE: Items listed above are not included in all products! This is the list of the items we work with, but what's included in each product, depends on what the product is. For a complete list of materials used per product, please refer to the product's description page in our shop.)

meet the Artisans

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Clay Art, Designs, Painting,

Photographer, Social Media

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Clay Art, Designs, Painting,

Crafts, Web Design

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Clay Art, Designs, Drawing, Painting, Social Media

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Clay Art, Social Media, Photo & Video Editing

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Clay Art, Designs, Drawing, Painting, Social Media